mardi 13 juillet 2010

A nice demo HTML5

In the big war of standards (flash vs. html5), I have the strange feeling that flash might be loosing it, at least on the medias that start to matter.

You could say indeed that Flash is supported by millions of sites on the web and that html 5 is still an imperfect, emerging technology and also that iPad, besides its success, on represents a very small portion of web users; so in the end does it really matter?

Apple is currently in a position of trend setter, the iPhone sent the message that yes, you can have a seemless web experience on your phone and much more that you never had before. Even with few percent market shares worldwide (on all phones sold, not just smartphones), the iPhone created a precedent in the industry. But we all know that.

The iPad may not be as much of a revolution but is clearly "hype" and all major sites that want to send this image to the market are making sure they are iPad compatible. It clearly goes in the same direction, of richer experience of web on a mobile device.

Now I'm not here to talk about HTML5 as technically speaking, I don't know zip. But it's a well known fact that technically speaking, the iPHone is not the best phone on Earth, neither is the iPod the best mp3 player!

Here's a small video, which I found on a very interesting article on Wired, where Google Chrome is doing a demo of html 5 capabilities. I'm not a specialist, but I can recognize impressive technological break through on the web for being an early adopter. Click on the image to open the video.

I personally find this quite mind blowing

Video is going to become more and more important on mobile devices, just has it has been on the web. I cannot tell for sure the future of this technology but to me, seems like Blue Ray vs. HD DVD type of discussions.

But beyond this, this is typically the type of fight where many focus on the wrong point. The point is not whether html 5 is better than flash (you can read this article by Gizmondo about it), but rather by who's going to use and market what technology in what environment. This promises to be quite interesting!


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