mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Will Android beat Symbian in Q4?

Gartner just published smartphone sales for Q3 2010 and as you can see below in the graphic below, Android is litterally exploding, while Nokia's market share is melting down.

If Android keeps this pace, and with the Christmas effect coming in, Android could very much overthrow Nokia at Q4 (or get to a very close tie), especially since Nokia is now the sole manufacturer of Symbian after recent news of Nokia taking control of the Symbian Foundation (but that, everybody expected it especially after SonyEricsson and Samsung abandonned Symbian)

Now we have to put things into prospective, market share is one thing, total sales is another. Total smartphone sales went from 41 million to 80.5 million on a year-on-year basis; so Nokia just didn't grow its smartphones sales as fast as Android: +61% for Nokia versus + 1326% (yes, that's correct) for Android.

So there are definitely two sides of the story:
- Nokia is still increasing its sales, especially of smartphones devices (+61% is a growth percentage many would love)
- But Nokia is definitely loosing ground to Android while iOS is stagnating (and Rim went from 21% to 15% market share)

Yes, Nokia has launched the N8, it's all over the country (France). I guess it will sell well, even if today we don't have any figures. But will it enable Nokia to resist the Android wave?? That's another story.

From a developper community stand point, this will surely do not help Nokia get more attention from developpers, read my previous post on why isn't OVI on top of mind for Zuckerberg.


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