mardi 31 août 2010

Mobile game publisher Digital Chocolate criticize the "droidful" Android Market

Mobile publisher Digital Chocolate's CEO, Trip Hawkins, just wrote a nice post on his corporate blog (read here) about the Android Market which rose quite a few comments and articles in the specialized press (like Mobile Entertainement).

 I'll just put one quote which will give you a taste of his post: "Conventional games don’t sell on Android because Google has a senseless and lazy policy to ignore what is posted into their app store"

From a publisher's stand point, you're totally right Trip!!

But from Google's point of view; did they ever intend to make money from the Android Market? Where's the Android Market sitting in their strategy actually? It's probably a mere "must have", but nothing more. Google's business model is advertising, remember?

Could Google's Android strategy work without Android Market? No. But can it work without a quality / income approach as for Apple's App Store? Yes. Apple's App Store is actually probably the only app store on the market really generating income for anyone; so such criticism could also apply for a bunch of stores as well....


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