mardi 31 août 2010

The Android "wave" against the iPhone

Gartner recently published sales of smartphone devices by manufacturer, but also by OS (read full article). But as everyone else does, they only publish Q2 2010 and compare it to Q2 2009.

Stats are nice, it's also nice to see the progression of some and decrease of others, but what we, readers, expect most from those companies is to highlight what really makes sense.

So I did it for them.

Where's the real battle right now in terms of AppStore / smart phones: it's a "fight" between Apple and Android, even though one could say we're comparing pears and apples, but we don't. Apple's iPhone is one environment (iPhone, iTune, iPad, etc.), and Android is its nearest competitor when it comes to mobile content / mobile entertainement (and derived, mobile advertising....!!!), even if manufacturered by several competing companies.

So here it is, the compiled stats from Gartner (even if from one report to another, figures reported for a given quarter vary a bit, which is definitely not serious for such a company, I can illustrate on demand!):

Of course Q3 figures will show interesting with
- Sales of iPhone 4, apparently over 3 million devices sold in just 1 month as of July 16th (as reported by here)
-Still roaring sales of Android powered devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S reporting selling 1 million handsets in 45 days (source) as of today.

So of course, with this huge Android "wave" (yes, it's a reference to the declared dead Google Wave project), we really understand publishers concerns over Android Marketplace (see post about article from Digital Chocolate - click here). It's definitely something to take into consideration in the mobile content / advertising business!

So the question for all actors in the field is: are you ready for this?

Gartner Sources:
Q1 2010 -
Q3 2009:        
Q2 2009:
Q1 2009:


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