vendredi 3 septembre 2010

The Samsung Tab

Among the big buzz nowadays around mobile devices, is the Samsung Tab. Below is the first TV-ad about it, really worth watching.

Now I won't go over a full review of the product as TechCrunch has a very, very nice section on its site dedicated to this device.
Checkout the site here.

I had the chance to personally test it few weeks ago, not in depth but still, here's my pitch on why would you buy a Samsung Tab instead of an iPhone. There are loads of reviews, most compare technical features, but when you buy and use a mobile, what really matters is the experience you get, right?

1) Positive - The format is definitely interesting. It's a true "mobile" device, that you can put in your pocket (OK, you would need some large pocket, but any suite / jacket / coat should do!); while the iPad is a "portable" device for which you need a bag.

2) Equal - The "touch" feeling, for me it's the same as iPad. I didn't make side to side comparison but having extensively used iPad as well, don't notice a difference. It's fluid, reactive, well, what you would expect.

3) Equal- Graphically as well (lightness, contrast), pretty much looks like iPad to me as well; but I'm sure you can find technical differences if you want, but consumer wise, no difference

4) Positive - it's Android. So besides the iPad with iOS, the competitors use their own OS or MS. Windows. Android is pretty light, launches pretty fast (as fast as iPad).

Negative - But what will probably make the difference is availability of content for this device. On the model I've tried, there were mostly the Android Market and honestly, I'm not personally fond of this yet compared to the App Store. The quality is really not homogeneous and I would certainly not want to have a trojan installed on my Samsung Tab (as there are loads of it on Android Market). Need to see also what Samsung will make out of Samsung App, we certainly have big expectations! Since I'm not too fond about reading books on electronic device, won't make a comment on that, but what they propose surely looks compelling.

Great features:
- Micro SD Cards!! ++++
- Phone calls ++++, yes, it's also a phone!! (includes video calls)
- True, full web experience (..hum.. flash yes!!!)
- GPS included (augmented reality, etc)

Now what will really make a difference, it's the PRICE!! Different rumours, different prices. If they are more or less in line with iPad's price, it will be a tough sell. If they are cheaper, it will definitely be very, very attractive; starting with myself. I have an iPhone though, but navigating on the web with it is still a bit painfull.

So let's see at what price they will sell it! My guess: hight at the beginning, but will slowly decrease in price as sales won't pick up as expected. But with recent experience from very well performing iPhone competitor Galaxy S, I'm really expecting Samsung to make something very good out of this device! We will know very soon as it's to be released in Europe mid-September!!


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